Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference

Being a pretty new blogger, I feeling like I have a millions questions and really no one to turn to for answers.  I want to work with publishers and author but really have no idea where to start.  Lucky for me, I ran across an Online conference that looks to cover many of the questions I have and for a reasonable price!  The reasonable price is the best for me and that the different modules will be available for at least 30 days after the end of the conference so I can catch up on the items I miss because of working full time!  
So here are some details: 
It runs April 13-17, 2011
Cost is $45 plus a possible $7 for book shipping
Oh that right there are books up for grabs as well – what better for a new blogger with no connections.
There will be other bloggers, authors and publishers – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
I am really excited to be participating in this.   I love a good learning experience and this conference looks amazing.  
Have any of you attended?  What can you tell me about this?

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One response to “Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference

  1. Lisa,

    Thanks soooo much for the great post – I love the BBPOC – it is great though the prep work at the moment is crazy! Sigh.
    Look forward to seeing you there.


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