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If you’re like me, you grew up reading everything under the sun, like the cereal boxes while you ate your breakfast, the newspapers held by strangers on the subway, the tabloid headlines at the grocery store.
What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever read? (You know, something NOT a book, magazine, short story, poem or article.)
What a fun question.  The answer however is much harder to come up with!  Well, my girlfriends and I once spend a day trying to find things carved into trees.  Does that count?  I don’t know but it is all I can think of and well it was pretty odd.  I don’t even remember why we did it.

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Have a great day and leave me your answers – I am very curious as to what all will come out!


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10 responses to “Booking Through Thursday

  1. That sounds like fun 🙂 Happy Thursday!!!

  2. Yes, that sounds odd enough! Sounds like a fun thing to do, though.

  3. I liked your response. And it's interesting enough to count, I think.

  4. I actually had to think about this question. Check out my answer for this weeks Booking Through Thursday.

  5. That's a great answer! Very odd!

  6. That was an odd answer, but great. Stop and see mine and my giveaways.

  7. I had a hard time coming up with an answer too.

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