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ABSOLUTELY!  This is actually how I find new authors and try new books.  I love to look at covers and judge them sometimes too.  

What about you?


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7 responses to “>Follow Friday!

  1. >hey stopping by because i just hit that follow buttoni do agree when the cover is good i can look at it all day lolcheck out my answer! http://lightskinlady21.blogspot.com/

  2. >I am guilty of this too! I love browsing through covers and if I find one I like, then I'll read the description. You can check out my FF on my blog http://guiltypleasuresreviews.blogspot.com/2011/04/follow-friday.htmlHappy FF!

  3. >The cover is what usually draws me into a book. It can take me a long time to get to a book with a cover I don't like. I'm already a follower! My FF is at Coffee Table Reviews

  4. >Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I too have found a lot of new authors by their book cover, which has actually been a lot lol.

  5. >Thanks for stopping by! That's how I find new authors, too — when I see a pretty cover, I'm more apt to pick up the book and find out more about the book and the author.

  6. >Hi, this is my first time to participate in The Friday Follow My Blog Hop-A lot of the 500 or so blogs I do follow join in every week so I thought why not try it-I will happily return all follows The Reading LifeMel u

  7. >Newest follower here via the Friday blog hop. I am a new contemporary romance writer and a reader of almost everything! Hope you stop by and check out my blog.

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