Armchair BEA: Blogging

  1. Since today is the BBC in NYC the Armchair BEA topic is all about blogging.  Since I am feeling behind the eight ball this morning I am going to use the prompts left and hopefully a little bit more than that but we are going to have to see how it goes.  It is just that kind of rainy slow day here in Michigan

  • How do you utilize social networking in relation to your blog? What may be the pros and cons of doing so?

  • Well, I have a facebook page but I really don’t know what to do with it. So any advice would be welcome!  I really don’t get it which is sad.  I also have twitter and I have been trying to put myself out there are get to know people.  I have chatted with a few bloggers and luck for me a few authors.

    The biggest con for me is that I get sucked in and all my time goes to it.  Ahh!
    The biggest pro is getting to know people and getting my blog out there.

  • Share some of your favorite blogging technical tips.

  • Well, honestly, I wish I had some to share but I really don’t.  i have used Book Blogging 101 and others like it to get my questions answered.  I am pretty new to this!

  • What are your tips for balance life and blogging?

  • Isn’t this the question!  It is a really tough one.  Book Blogging takes time and lots of it.  I would be spending the time reading either way so that is not the investment for me.  Rather, for me it is the actual blogging and following all the blogs that I do.  I have to make sure that I focus on what is really important in my life first and that is my family.  My blog comes second but I try not to beat myself up if I have a bad reading week because I had family stuff to do.  I think it is just important to remember what the big picture is.

  • What genre do you blog about and why?

  • I read a little of everything and always have.  My blog is not genre specific rather about my love of books, all books!

    Now that I have gotten this far, I realized that there is something I would like to say.  There are some amazing bloggers out there that help those of us who are new or just are looking to figure stuff out.  THANK YOU!  I know that you all remember what it was like when you started and in part that is why you do it but you don’t have to and I know it takes a lot of time.  So thank you!

    What tips or comments do you have about this topic?



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    3 responses to “Armchair BEA: Blogging

    1. I loved the sentence “important to remember what the big picture is”. Good post! I spent a long time last night on a post that I initially wrote in the hopes of winning a pre-release of a book. Should have simply ordered the pre-release myself!

    2. One of the things that really helped me out was having a template ready to go and saved for the weekly memes I participate in as well as my review template. It cuts down on the composing time! Have a great weekend. It doesn't look like it is going to be great weather here on this side of the State.

    3. Nice post, will plan on doing the Armchair BEA in 2012 🙂
      Pretty sure they aren't planning on coming to india anytime soon!

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